Tormarton Parish Council Three Year Plan



A plan for the villages of Tormarton and West Littleton derived by your Parish Council. This plan sets out the aims and priorities of your Parish Council and how the Parish Council will represent their parishioners, to ensure your views are properly represented.

Tormarton Parish Council strives to be a forward-thinking council at the heart of the community. We want the Parish Council to be seen as a body that works for Tormarton, West Littleton and everyone in the community taking into account everyone’s viewpoints to move forward collectively. We want to see the council develop its community leadership, being at the forefront of community engagement and to build extensive partnerships with local organisations. We want to deliver on giving people value for money with the services that we provide and ensure that good financial governance is apparent throughout all that we do.

Tormarton Parish Council will strive to be:

Open and transparent with the whole community

Ambitious but realistic

Community minded


Empowering and engaging for the whole community

Leading in community engagement in the village

How will Tormarton Parish Council deliver this plan?

Delivering this strategy will be at the forefront of Tormarton Parish Council over the next three years. Once this plan has developed and is adopted by the Full Council the 3- year budget framework which shall allow the Council to work towards these aims. However, ever increasing pressures on Parish Council may mean that some actions cannot be completed within the three year plan and will be rolled onto subsequent plans. Residents will be able to monitor progress of the plan through minutes of the meetings and being invited to consultation workshops, where their voices will be heard.

This plan will be delivered through thorough budgeting by the Parish Council and will also be delivered through holding South Gloucestershire Council to task on matters such as road safety, parking, traffic issues and planning enforcement.